Aesop’s Fables are stories that have instant appeal with their cast of characters that include foxes, wolves, lions, crows, hares, frogs, donkeys, and people. The straightforward messages in the fables hold true for Ancient Greece as well as present times. I bring these fables to life through the use of assemblage, artwork made from a variety of materials, such as old rusty metal tools, wooden boxes, kitchen utensils, paint and whatever else I can find.  In my new book Æssemblage, these ancient tales are retold through recycled materials. Æssemblage can be ordered at this link –> Aessemblage Book Order

Book Cover Front

Book Cover Back

The Rat and the Elephant

The Frog Who Wanted a King

The Sun and the WInd
The Bear and the Travelers
The Bear and the Travelers